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The Healing Power of Mindfulness

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  • University of Virginia School of Nursing Compassionate Care Initiative
    The purpose of the UVA Compassionate Care Initiative is to cultivate a resilient and compassionate healthcare workforce—locally, regionally, and nationally— through innovative educational and experiential programs. Its vision is to have safe and high functioning healthcare environments with healthy and happy healthcare professionals and where heart and humanness are valued and embodied.
  • University of Virginia Contemplative Sciences Center
    The UVA Contemplative Sciences Center has been established to foster dynamic partnerships of unusual depth and breadth towards exploring the transformative impact of contemplation in a variety of social sectors. Binding together the humanities and sciences, the center is pursuing serious programs of learning, research, and engagement across the liberal arts, sciences, health sciences, medical and nursing practitioners, educational researchers, architects, business researchers, policy experts, contemplative practitioners, and more.
  • Mindful magazine and
    Mindful is an initiative that celebrates being mindful in all aspects of daily living�through Mindful magazine,, and social media.
  • Dr. Nalini Chilkov, L.Ac., O.M.D.
    Dr. Nalini Chilkov is a respected expert and leader in Alternative and Integrated Medicine.
  • UMass Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care, and Society
    Pioneering the integration of mindfulness meditation and other mindfulness-based approaches into mainstream medicine and healthcare.
  • Upaya Zen Center
    Providing a context for community practice, education in Buddhism and social service in the areas of death and dying, prison work, the environment, women�s rights, and peacework.
  • The Garrison Institute
    Applying the transformative power of contemplation to today's pressing social and environmental concerns, helping build a more compassionate, resilient future.
  • Center for Communication in Medicine
    Creating programs that would further understanding between the patient�s perspective and the doctor�s approach to care and focus on their shared responsibility to improve communication.
  • Emory Collaborative for Contemplative Studies
    An interdisciplinary group of faculty, postdocs and students at Emory University that come together to share and investigate the application of contemplative practices in our modern society. The three main arms of this organization are research, education and clinical application/outreach.
  • Mindfuliving
    Consultation, lectures, workshops and training in mindfulness meditation including Meditations for Healing and Stress Reduction.
  • Waiting for Wings
    Heidi Marble's inspiritional message of hope and love: love of a child, love of a couple and an unflinching love of life.
  • Society for Integrative Oncology
    Advancing evidence-based, comprehensive, integrative healthcare to improve the lives of people affected by cancer.
  • The Mind & Life Institue
    Combining first- person knowledge from the world's contemplative traditions with contemporary scientific inquiry.