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Leaves Falling Gently
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A book about Living Fully & Letting Go

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Leaves Falling Gently is a book about living well despite changes and challenges beyond your control.

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Written by a nurse, clinical scientist, and meditation practitioner who has nearly thirty years of experience working with people from different faith traditions who have serious illnesses, Leaves Falling Gently shows how the cultivation of mindfulness and compassion can help these individuals to live fully, regardless of circumstances, with peace of mind, contentment, and connection with loved ones and with what matters most.

Inspiring stories and easy-to-follow exercises guide readers to learn and apply the benefits of mindfulness and compassion practices in order to foster clarity, acceptance, and strength. Each short chapter helps readers come to terms with their situation and maintain a sense of control by offering practical guidance for coping with physical discomfort and life changes, relating to family and friends, and staying mindful and engaged even when under medical treatment or while in a hospital.

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